Since I’ve come across the Sparkling Wino’s account , I’ve been enamoured! I love their enthusiasm, their knowledge and most importantly how they promote Canadian wines! When I reached out to them (Jeff and Mike) for… View Full Post

It’s officially Spring here in Niagara, although most days you wouldn’t know it. With many a rainy day, and cool temperatures, it’s hard to believe it’s now June. However, there’s the odd day when the… View Full Post

With green beer nearly upon us as St. Patricks day draws nearer, I had orange wine on the mind. Why? I don’t know, especially because even I find it hard to understand what the big deal is… View Full Post

Whenever I’m asked which wineries to visit in Niagara, I name the usual suspects, but lately KEW has been topping the list. There’s something about this winery that feels like home. It could be the fact… View Full Post

Living in Australia, I rarely come across Riesling. When it comes to white wine, NZ Sauvignon Blanc and Aussie Chardonnay seem to reign supreme on wine lists. And sadly, this variety remains widely misunderstood.  Many… View Full Post