We left downtown Toronto just past 9am on a Sunday and hit wine country by 11. It may only be 2 hrs away, but it was a whole new world. Having never been before I was surprised… View Full Post

Since I’ve come across the Sparkling Wino’s account , I’ve been enamoured! I love their enthusiasm, their knowledge and most importantly how they promote Canadian wines! When I reached out to them (Jeff and Mike) for… View Full Post

Best wine book I’ve read. I laughed, I learned, I reconsidered, I dropped my jaw in “oh my goodness – that happens?”, I smiled to myself, I re-read, I highlighted and I even took goddamn pics… View Full Post

Natural wines. Yeah, I’m going there, but here’s why. I’ve been on a bit of a health journey ever since my first visit to a naturopath in 2012. After which, I was more mindful of… View Full Post

It’s officially Spring here in Niagara, although most days you wouldn’t know it. With many a rainy day, and cool temperatures, it’s hard to believe it’s now June. However, there’s the odd day when the… View Full Post