See part 1 here. And the blog is back from the dead. After a year of silence…might as well carry on. I thought I’d go back to what I love most and what I’ve been doing… View Full Post

There’s one thing about writing a fashion blog I have found to be most difficult. That is the pictures part. If you’re going to have a site like this, there’s one big requirement – you… View Full Post

Before moving to Melbourne, I’d heard so much about its’ vintage clothing scene,  yet when I arrived I was completely let down. I searched endlessly for these shops. I’d run in and out of cafés asking… View Full Post

This stripped silk “trench”, is not a jacket at all – it’s actually an 80’s dress. I found it at a vintage store in the CBD and if I were to button it up properly,… View Full Post

Never thought I’d be one to wear white Converse, but I guess people change (in fact, I’m wearing them as I write this post). Everything else in the pic is thrifted. Country Road jeans (vintage… View Full Post