I created Style Cellar in 2010, as a place to write about fashion and wine.

But as the saying goes “the only thing constant in life, is change”.

My interests in new areas began to grow and so now, the concept looks a little more like this:

Style Cellar is a place for finding the balance between wine, and wellness (mind, body + spirit). I’ve come to realize our sense of well-being really is, the foundation of it all.

And if you care to know more about me, scroll on down below…

I grew up in Niagara, and although wine isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks “Canada”, I grew up around it. I remember empty barrels stored in our basement and watched my uncle from afar as he traveled the world promoting Canadian wine. When I got my first job at a winery that was it – the love affair began and I was bitten by the bug.

I’ve taken the scenic route in life, taking a 2 year hiatus from University to skate for Disney on Ice. Touring the world helped me look at life differently. The experience left me with an insatiable thirst for travel, and the belief that time spent stretching one’s boundaries, seeing new sights, and meeting interesting people is invaluable.

I now live in Niagara, but it was while living in Australia, where I began to take writing more seriously and since then, it’s been a journey of ups and downs and lessons learned, but what’s the point in learning if it’s never shared. So here, is where I hope to share.

Hope you enjoy!