What is Ayurveda

I’ve recently become interested in this ancient form of medicine

Ayurveda originates from India and after hearing it explained (in depth) on Melissa Ambrosini’s podcast here  ,it piqued my curiosity. Last week I then finished Broad New World’s series on it, and I’m beginning to understand my body and mind in a whole new way.

After doing my test ( I used this website) turns out I’m predominately Vata/Kapha. What does that mean? Well, I’m still learning but below is a very brief introduction to these body/mind “types”.

The 3 Doshas which are the core of Ayurveda’s principals:

  1. VATA – element of Air

If you think of air, words like cooling, and dry might come to mind and this starts the idea behind this type (be it in your body or mind). They are typically people that can eat anything, yet struggle to put on muscle and have a slim frame and small joints (that easily crack). They rarely sweat and have a weak digestive system and are typically cold. Mentally they are creative and enjoy thinking outside the box (their head is in the clouds). However, this can lead to anxiety, nervousness, indecisivenesses, and inability to fall asleep.

  1. PITTA – element of fire

Most people are jealous of the Pitta types. They put muscle on easily, have an athletic frame, and typically have chiseled features. Their bodies are almost like a furnace, they can digest anything, sweat profusely and are often over-heated. They tend to have more oily skin and hair, can grey early and are prone to skin rashes/redness. All the heat can make them mentally driven, these people are go-getters, achievers, but can have a temper

  1. KAPHA – element of earth

Grounded. This is what comes to mind when I think of Kapha. They have a larger build and put on weight very easily. Tend to have a round face and body. However, they have thick, smooth hair, and usually beautiful skin. They have a moderate body temperature but prefer warm dry climates. These people have a sense of calm, and peacefulness around them. They may be slow to speak, slow to think but are very compassionate and wise. They are supportive and tend to put others before themselves.

If you read this and resonate with a descriptor in each element, that’s normal and in fact, you should because we have all 3 elements within us, we just have ones that are more predominant than others. We can learn to balance them, however, through our actions, thoughts, food, and movement.


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