(East Side Gallery)


It was a city that I’ve been wanting to get to for some time now, and when the opportunity came and cheap flights were found, I decided to make it happen.

I was only there for 3 days (due to canceled flight and a day spent in Iceland) so it was a bit of a world wind. It’s a city so jam-packed with history, that 3 days didn’t even scratch the surface.  And yet, in the mix of history is a modern and unique culture. I can only explain it as “cool”. The people dress in a style of their own, there were vintage shops galore in which people pieced together outfits in a way that made you know they’d been doing it for years. It’s not your typical romantic European city but it’s a city of strength, and it’s felt everywhere from its architecture, it’s people and even its’ nightlife which is so ingrained within this city.

(View from the top of the TV Tower)

(#picknweight …in most of the vintage stores,  there were no price tags, you just shopped, weighed your lot and paid by kg)

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