New Year

Many people believe we have cycles of years. There are years of unrest, years of teardown followed by the year of rebuilding and looking back on 2016, it’s hard for me to say just what type of year has passed.

I wrote the post below when I first moved back from Melbourne. For me, 2016 will forever be the year I came “home”. We never quite know what our next year holds, and it’s the excitement coupled with a small dose of fear which makes each year its’ own adventure. So here’s to a clean slate, new possibilities and the moments and memories that will fill your next 364 days.

I was working the tasting bar of Southbrook Vineyards one day, when a colleague of mine came in having just arrived back from living in Australia. Within seconds she¬†uttered a sentence which I will never forget, “Molly, you’d love Melbourne!” Little did I know this one chance encounter would change the trajectory of my life. Her energy was contagious and a feeling bubbled up inside me and I ¬†knew I would eventually go. I didn’t know why or when, and I didn’t know how but I was certain one day I’d make the move to Melbourne. And sure enough, I did.

I flew over on a whim. A one-way ticket $100 to my name and a whole lot of hope it would all work out. When a destination in the world pulls at you like a magnet and you feel drawn to it for no particular reason, you must go. The reason will only be explained to you once you arrive, or perhaps it will come in hindsight.

Melbourne was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. I’m thankful for everyone I met there, trips taken and sights seen along the way. Australia, I will miss your flat whites, your Cherry Ripes, and saying “reckon” without a look of judgement. Most of all I’m thankful for what I learned about myself on the other side of the world. There’s no better way to grow than to get out of our comfort zone. So, if you feel the need to stretch beyond your boundaries and even though you’re scared of the unknown, go. You’ll thank yourself later.







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