Winter Cocktails Made with Wine

We all know about mulled wine come winter, but how else might we reinvent that bottle collecting dust around the house.

I found myself scouring the internet looking for such recipes for an upcoming Birthday I was hosting and was overwhelmed with the number of options. If you’re hosting a holiday party this year and want to serve something a bit more special, I hope the list below offers a few new ideas.

1. Winter Sangria
I love Sangria, and it’s so easy to make. Best part being, you can use any wine, be it red, white or rosé, it doesn’t matter at all. Once you’ve picked a wine, you just need a clear sparkling beverage, fruit juice and whatever fruit you have on hand. In the winter I like adding cinnamon sticks and sticking to cranberries, oranges and pomegranates as opposed to summer fruits. This recipe from Half Basked is perfect!

2. Red Wine Hot Chocolate
I’ll admit, when I first heard about this I wasn’t sold, but when you combine 2 of your favourite things, what’s not to enjoy? My suggestion is to make sure the chocolate is as dark as possible, and avoid the packaged stuff. The red wine needs to be full bodied and fruit forward (nothing aged). I’d also experiment using Port instead of red wine. This is what I did and I found the texture and flavours of Port to be more complimentary. Recipes for this seem to be trending this season, but here is a simple one to follow from “Imma Eat That”  (great name eh?)

2. Sage Ginger Pear Prosecco
You can pour a glass of Prosecco (any sparkling), add a few garnishes and you’ve just turned a normal glass into a festive cocktail. This can be the easiest way to quickly make an eye-catching drink. Garnishes that work best are frozen cranberries, green grapes, pomegranates, and a sprig of mint or rosemary. Take creative reigns with this and know that you can’t really go wrong. However, if you’re looking to follow a tried and tested version here’s a unique cocktail by Avocado Pesto for some inspiration

Happy entertaining!


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