What wine to bring to a Holiday party





You’ve decided to bring wine to a holiday party. You make a stop at the liquor store and 30 minutes later, you’re still unsure of what to choose.


The Christmas season can be stressful enough, and wine decisions should be the least of your worries. Yet, you never know who’ll be at these parties or what is being served. You’ve got your wine connoisseurs, those that only drink a certain region, or many “white wine” or “red wine” only drinkers. It’s no wonder we scratch our heads when standing in front of that wall of wine.


One thing to do, is simply choose your favourite and be done with it. At the end of the day, you want to enjoy that wine too! But, if you’re like me and nervous your favourite won’t exactly be everyone’s cup of tea, then you’re back at square one.


So, what to choose when going to a holiday party? The following (short list!) will hopefully provide some guidance.


1. The Big Red Wine.

There’s something about red wine that goes hand in hand with Christmas. Even white wine drinkers will be tempted this time of year. There’s something inviting about a glass of red wine on a cold winter night; fireplace on, tree lit, it’s a small piece of bliss.


To make this decision quick and easy narrow it down to warm climate reds. Where the climate is warm the grapes are ripe. Those sugars will lead to a high alcohol, big flavour, big wine.


I’d go California Cabernet Sauvignon or Australian Shiraz. They’re a safe bet, can be easy on the wallet and you’ll please plenty at the party.


2. Sparkling

If there’s ever an excuse to buy sparkling this is it. If you’re looking to please a wide variety of taste buds, choose Prosecco. It’s more fruity than toasty (like traditional Champagne which isn’t for everyone). Sparkling is known as one of the most food-friendly wines, so whether it’s enjoyed before, during or after a meal, it makes a great addition to any party. And who doesn’t get excited when they see a bottle of bubbles come through the door!


3. Aromatic White

Now, I could have stopped at sparkling, as I think those alone make perfect party pairings, but if you’re wondering “Where’s the white?” I’d choose something light and aromatic. For those local to Niagara and want to bring VQA, pick Reisling (dry or off-dry). This will go with most food and those new and old to wine typically have a soft spot for a good Reisling.


And that’s that. Happy wine shopping!




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