Thrifting Tips Part 2

See part 1 here.

And the blog is back from the dead. After a year of silence…might as well carry on.

I thought I’d go back to what I love most and what I’ve been doing so much of since being back home, and that is thrift shopping.  Here is part 2,  of some tips to keep in mind.

4. Look for Accessories
You won’t always find good clothing, but you can always count on accessories. This is your safest bet and a perfect place to start. Costume jewelry, belts and scarfs are things that you can find without fail, and the good news being, they’re going to be cheap and tend to become conversation pieces. I’d also keep an eye out for clutches (purses can often be too beat up and look worn).


Clutch found at The Fashion Market, Melbourne 

6. Sometimes Shoes
This is a tricky one. I don’t usually recommend this BUT there’s the odd time when you’ll find an amazing pair. Whether it’s vintage Italian leather loafers or a velvet smoking slipper. Just think of all the shoes you’ve bought and end up wearing once, when you finally (and reluctantly) admit to yourself “I really can’t walk in these”.  Yep, stores are full of those.

I don’t think I’ve gotten so much wear out of a pair of thrifted shoes worn above. Found, again, at the Fashion Market 

5. Ignore Sizes!

It’s best to throw your notion of “size” out the window. I’ve found blazers in the kids’ section, I’ve worn size 14+ dresses, cinched up with a belt and I’ve taken many items to get altered. If you love the fabric, the colour or maybe found a designer piece you can’t pass up, take it to a seamstress. You’ll then have a custom made item no one will have.

This is a maternity dress. The strap around the waist is supposed to only tie around to the back, but I

 wrap it all the way around to form a belt. I was obsessed with the material and the cut outs. It was a Swedish brand,  and the tags were still on it (this is how I learned it was maternity wear). Found at Value Village



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  1. November 26, 2016 / 10:30 pm

    I can't believe that's a maternity dress – what a find! You look stunning in it. Great tips for hesitant thrift shoppers like me, so thanks 🙂

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