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There’s one thing about writing a fashion blog I have found to be most difficult. That is the pictures part.

If you’re going to have a site like this, there’s one big requirement – you take pictures of what you wear. And that, my friends, is easier said than done.

I look at many blogs and Instagram accounts, and I’m always left wondering “Who takes these photos!?” I always knew if I were to write a blog, it was something I’d have to figure out for myself and it’s still the most difficult, awkward and even scary part.

 Here’s the story behind the following pictures for example.

My last 3 posts have essentially been the exact same outfit. Black jeans, white t-shirt and a variation on the jacket and or accessories. The good news here being, you don’t need many clothes to create different looks; invest in basics and you’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

But when I do these shoots, I’m outside with nowhere to change. I have a limited amount of time and you can only carry so much clothing at once. I met a friend in Richmond to take these photos. I had 2 big bags with me. One, a canvas bag from the Salvation Army and on the sides it reads “I love the Salvos!”. I probably looked more like a homeless bag lady than a “fashion blogger” while we searched for places to shoot. This day was also particularly cold, so changing full outfits outside wasn’t ideal. I learned after the first time we did this, it requires far more planning than I ever expected.

Some outfits are great in theory and awful on camera, whereas others are awful in person and shoot amazingly well. These shoots have been a lot of trial and error, awkward poses, lots of laughs, questions and constant changes, but I love these days and always leave having learned something more.



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