Teach me how to druzy



This blue jacket is from the Take 2 Markets, a vintage market I’ve written about before (here). The patent leather clutch is most likely a Value Village find, and has gotten more use than I ever expected. My favourite part to this outfit however, is the ring.

I found this druzy ring on my first trip to Byron Bay. Being the hippie vibed beach town it is, there was no better place to purchase my first piece of “crystal” jewellery, and at the time I was looking for a quartz necklace yet came away with this ring which I absolutely love. It’s one of those pieces I find myself staring at all day whenever I wear it.

A very special mention to the small silver bracelet I always wear which says “be brave”. This was created on Bravelets, an amazing website helping people raise money for various health causes. My mom was the first to wear a bravelet (in support of oesophageal cancer) and we then created this bracelet for my brother who is undergoing treatment for Lyme Disease. I love what Bravelets has created and what it stands for – there couldn’t be a more appropriate word.

The details to this outfit will likely go unnoticed, but I could care less. In fashion, as in life – it’s the little things that matter most.


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