Guatemalan Green






This is quite a random outfit. For one, you have my crystals! (a new obsession) the amethyst necklace is by Melbourne jeweller “Cup of Curiosity” and this skirt has become one of my favourite pieces. An inexpensive find while back home last summer when I had A-line skirts on the mind (like actually, was obsessed with finding them). The jacket is a purchase from 2007. It’s so beaten up, you can’t see the patches that are falling off in the pics but it’s a leather jacket from a Zara in Guatemala.

When I first saw the jacket I didn’t buy it, but days later I went on a hiking trip through a jungle to finally end a top a Myan temple, in order to watch the sunrise. While ¬†sitting there, watching this magnificent sight take place before my eyes, all I could think about was the jacket, and ¬†how fitting it would be to buy a green leather jacket in Guatemala…you know, to really represent this moment of overlooking the jungle (“greeness”). Sounds horrible doesn’t it? but I promise, I did fully appreciate the moment. Clearly, the first thing I did upon getting back to Guatemala City was buy the jacket. Best decision ever.



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