Bravo B.C

I was reading an article yesterday by The Academic Vino (an amazing wine blog), on the importance of wine labels in the Asian market. Although this research focused on Asia, wine labels are an integral part of a winery’s brand, image and quite frankly, sales. As much as I appreciate wine I’m guilty of buying based off the the label far too often. One of my friends however, takes the opposite approach. He chooses the wine with the ugliest and most outdated label. His justification? …they must take their wine more seriously, that surely, they’ve put more resources into the wine than into the marketing – fair enough.

This doesn’t diminish the fact that labels sell wine, and today I stumbled across this brand in Vines Magazine. The product of design firm Brandever (responsible for many eye catching labels, Megalomanic being one of them) has outdone themselves again. When I saw this I thought “this label deserves an applause” and I’m even more proud that it’s Canadian.

Brand: Lost Inhibitions 
By Church & State Wines (South Oakanagan Valley, B.C)

How amazing is this line up? I would unabashedly buy this 100% for the label. I think it’s brilliant. The labels themselves are quirky yet clean in style, but the fact that they are capitalizing on A) social media and B) the psyche of their customers is what I find so impressive. Can you imagine giving a bottle to a friend? Perhaps the “Hashtag this Mother F*cker”. First, they will laugh and then they will upload a photo to Instagram and hashtag that lil sucker – marketing genius. My personal fav -“Shut the front door”. I haven’t tasted these wine, but I have a feeling these wines won’t be sold based on tasting notes. In that case, I give this wine an A+ and would buy whomever thought up this idea, a bottle of the “I freakin Love you”.


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