Every now and then you come across one of those rare finds, and this leather jacket was just that.

On a regular weekend trip to the Queen Victoria Markets, I stumbled upon the “Take 2 Markets” . I was struck with a vision of racks upon racks of clothing, and with closer inspection, clothing of shockingly good quality.

As I was about to leave, trying my hardest not to buy things I didn’t necessarily need, I spotted this jacket. It was love at first sight, and every time I tried to leave I found myself going back to it. I tried it on, and then realized it was only $15.00. I asked the girl selling it if that was a mistake (as it was ASOS and 100% leather), but she assured me it was in fact just $15.00.

She was a stylist and most of the stuff on her rack were cloths she’d been given for photoshoots, worn once (if that). It turns out after chatting with many of the women there that day, they had all came from the fashion industry; stylists, shop owners, fashion journalists – purging their closets of absolute gems. I found these conversations even more enjoyable than the cloths, well almost.

So sure enough I bought the jacket. The moment I did a woman next to me said she’d been eyeing it all morning and had just come over to buy it. When she said that I knew just how lucky a find this was – definitely a keeper.


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