Vintage Clutch with a story





It should come as no surprise that one of the best places to hunt for vintage can be our grandparent’s closet.

What makes these pieces so special, is that they’re dear to our heart in more ways than one. My Nonna is no longer with us, but I love that I’m reminded of her every time I wear this clutch.

I remember the first time I travelled to Paris for a skating competition. I went over to my Nonna’s as soon as I got back to show her pictures, but more importantly to show her the new purse I bought while I was there. Thinking back, it was an awful purse but of course she loved it, and then went to her closet to show me her favourite purses she had brought with her from Italy. I remember the smell of the leather and I remember how she would stuff them with newspapers so they would keep their shape. I even remember spotting this clutch and the way it had felt.

So now, whenever I use it I remember that day and I wear it with me.


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