A Personable Wine

Forget about a ‘wine-profile’ what about a ‘wine personality’. One of the things I find to be most intimidating about wine is the overwhelming array of words used to describe it. People often poke fun at wine vocabulary; that wine writer’s seem to speak a language all their own. We often get so caught up in smells, tastes, bouquet’s, aroma’s, balance, finish, structure, and we forget whether we even liked the wine or not!

But lets put phenolics aside for a moment and talk about a wine’s personality. It gives the experience of tasting wine a whole new dimension. How would you describe the wine if it were a person? ¬†For instance was the wine a loud mouth? was it “all up in your space?” or was it quite and reserved‚Ķmaybe even a little shy? How bout a wine that is too uptight or rough around the edges?

Think about it next time you have a glass of wine. It’s easier than you think, and makes tasting wine a little more fun.


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