Every now and then, life leads you to a place, and you wonder how you got there.


When I first read this, I loved it, as I’m sure all those suffering from wanderlust do….but after thinking about it….I decided, I disagree.
Why is it so bad to be lost? how can you find yourself if you never lost yourself in the first place? We wander in search of something….’wanderers’ never really know where they are going, but live in that mystery. We thrive off the unknown, the unexpected, and the possibilities that are out there. Do I have a vision for my life? of course I do (an extremely vivid one if that) but knowing the twists, turns, the people and opportunities one can encounter in just one day….you have to be open and trusting to the fact that ‘you just don’t know’.

Sometimes I’m lost, sometimes I have an idea, sometimes I know details to a T, but I never lose the urge to wander….to get lost in life, like getting lost in a city when you first explore it. Those that wander are simply exploring the confines of life, and some simply find their route back home more quickly than others.

So wander….get lost, explore, seek, think, look, observe, feel, learn.You’ll make it back home….or find a new one.


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