Weekend Wines

I had such an eventful wine weekend, which started Friday afternoon in Oakville with 13th Street Rose Sparkling. Nothing better than drinking this wine outside on a sunny afternoon with Bradley Gunter, and

this was just the start of the weekend. I than went to set up for a tasting in Toronto where I was able to try a glass of  Veuve Clicquot! The famous orange label. I had dreamed of this wine since I read Mme Clicquot”s biography earlier this year. I am going on record and saying this was the best Champagne I have ever had. Period.



Saturday,attended an icewine tasting as part of the Salut Wine festival in Toronto and had 1989 Inniskillin Vidal Icewine amoung others and then Sunday worked a lunch in which the guests brought a bottle of 1975 Chateaux D’yquem….which I was lucky enough to try. It was insanely intense and different than what I was expecting. This is the most sought after botrytis affected sweet wine in the world, and maybe its because I’m so accustomed to icewine but it wasn’t at all as sweet as I had expected. It was musty, tart and like orange mamalade. Still very zesty for being 35 years old. Icewine that is aged can get sort of muted or developed more cooked fruit but this was still so zesty not overly sweet and had a crisp finish.


To cap off the weekend….the Jackson Trigg’s gang met at The Office Monday night and we were all given a treat when Mike McClashie brought in his homemade Merlot. I usually stay as far away from homemade wine as I possibly can but Mike McClashie is a wine making protege. This wine could have easily been on the shelf at the LCBO. The result of passion, talent and a trustworthy palate.


long blog, but these wines could not have gone unmentioned


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