We Love Cuvée Close.

Kara Petrunick and I have decided to be self declared Sparkling ambassadors for Niagara. We simply love all sparkling and last night we happened to come across a noteworthy one. We enjoyed a bottle of Konzelmann Sparkling Riesling . It was a can of peaches in a glass…literally. Fuzzy peaches, canned peaches, peaches…anything along these lines and you’ve got an idea as to what you can expect. It’s sweet, but with metallic notes and minerality to the finish which is quite refreshing. I found it interesting that there is nothing in the tasting notes that mentions anything about peaches…so I could be way off with this one but nonetheless, we loved it! And at$15.00 it is highly recommended by both Kara and myself. If you don’t love it, I will drink it for you.






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