aka Tannin free freak of nature. Anyone that knows me well knows that I was blown away by this wine at first sip and from that point on it was a love hate relationship. It was on the night of St.Patricks Day…when Brad ,Vanessa and I decided to spend the night hunting for wine in the LCBO, and we decided to pick a wine we`d never tried before. Instantenously we became kids in a candy store. I went with an Italian wine that just so happened to also be kosher so I can enjoy it with my many Jewish friends. The varietals were Cab Suav and Cesanese…so I`m thinking it will be fruit froward enough to be enjoyable but have enough structure to not be a total flop. When I opened the bottle and took the first swiff, I was at a loss for words, and it really was the strangest wine I’ve ever had…I won’t call it wine, but rather alcoholic grape juice as I feel its a better fitting term. I loved it at first, then we chilled it so it wasn’t so flimsy (for lack of a better word )…but by the end of the bottle I still hadn’t figured out how I felt about it…so that means I`ll just have to try it again!



2008 Cantina Gabriele Dolcemente Lazio Italy Mevushal



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