Lovely Organic

Im going to remain politically correct and neither praise nor bash this wine (that could also be due to the fact that I have a thesis riding on the claim that organic wine can be good if not better than convential wine)…continuing on. So this wine is from the Producer La Pieve in Italy and is a 2007 Chianti. It wasn’t “horrible”, and it actually got better as it opened up but it was pretty flat, and the acidity was overpowering, no tannin but a small amount of bitterness to the finish which was short. Ok, so maybe this is a lil bit on the bashing side, but atleast the label is quite stylish, and when I looked for info on this wine I found it amazing that they described the aroma as “winy”. That alone makes me want to like it more. This wine can be found in the Oragnic Section of your local LCBO…all 10cm x 10cm of it.


So what about organic fashion you ask? I actually have an answer to that thanks to designer John Patrick. He recently showed at NY Fashion Week, which was his fourth collection for his line “Organic”. Its very urban outfitters meets the gap, theres nothing not to like. This pic is a shot from his Spring 2010 showing.


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