I want you to know you can overcome the pain that bruised your heart. I want you to know that healing takes time. I want you to embrace all parts of your being and I… View Full Post

The final stretch. This month always seemed so far away, like I had all year to “get it” before it arrived. But I say hello to December feeling no better than I did on January… View Full Post

I posted this to Instagram on my Birthday and figured, these thoughts belonged here as well: Thirty-Three… 33 and not married, not in a relationship, don’t own a house, or any property, no kids, no… View Full Post

This past year was a deep dive into the “mystic world” Fueled by sites like The Numinous and Mystic Mamma, I was following these … to a fault. Too much of anything isn’t good for you… View Full Post

I’ve recently become interested in this ancient form of medicine Ayurveda originates from India and after hearing it explained (in depth) on Melissa Ambrosini’s podcast here  ,it piqued my curiosity. Last week I then finished Broad… View Full Post